Why Do I See What Cannot Be?

Our cat Boo sits on the mantle above the fireplace

My eyes play tricks again. There on the mantle, beside my work awards and the ashes of Templeton and Scout and Emma and pictures and keepsakes, I thought I saw Boo. But Boo isn’t allowed on the mantle. Some things from the mantle have fallen off lately and broken, likely from micro-climates creating sudden whirlwinds that come down the chimney. That I can explain, that I can see. But Boo I cannot, yet I do.

What Is Natural?

Our gray tuxedo cat Templeton sitting in the backyard

A picture of Templeton in our backyard from the summer of 2006, edited two different ways. Color corrected up top, natural color below to show the diffuse purplish light at sunset. The purple version is a more natural representation of the light (I was struck by the light at the time) but most days I prefer the color-corrected version where Templeton looks more natural. Either way I love looking at my old pictures of him, I fell in love with cats because of this charming little fellow.

Our gray tuxedo cat Templeton sitting in the backyard in purplish light at sunset