I Don’t Put My Cats Up On a Pedestal …

Our cat Boo sits on a stool

… but I might put them on a stool. This picture of Boo is from March, I had just received my Sony A6500 camera and wanted to give it a quick test. Having only shot with Canon for a couple of decades I didn’t know how to do much other than press the shutter, but I put Boo and Sam up on the stool for some quick test shots. I tried Trixie too but she was not so willing to pose. Taken with the Sony Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 lens, which I thought would be a favorite, and it is. Lighting is a mix of late afternoon light coming from the big picture window behind me and room lighting from the room to my left.

Snow at a Distance

Our cat Boo sits in a picture window as a heavy snow falls outside

Boo and I have to enjoy this snow at a distance. Though inches apart Boo was separated from the snow by many degrees as he enjoyed the start of a rare heavy snowstorm from the warmth of one of our picture windows. For me I went out into the snow the next morning when Ellie and I took our walk, but am now separated by time. I can but look back and try to remember the cold and the quiet as we are in the midst of a long dry and hot spell in summer, surely as close to the sun as Boo was to the snow, the snowy night but a distant memory.

Visions of Boo

Our cat Boo sits on the kitchen counter

One of the downsides to getting older is seeing your vision get worse and worse. The latest example for me personally was believing I saw Boo on the kitchen counter, right next to the stove, but knowing this could not be the case. Boo is not allowed on the kitchen counters and knows he is not allowed on the kitchen counters. I’ve had such visions before, but they usually vanish as I approach, a form of far-sightedness I suppose. This time the vision stayed until I was so close I could have reached out and touched him.

My eyes betray me.

Detective Samwise

Our cat Sam with his catnip bag while our dog Ellie sleeps in the background

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve begun production on a new TV series called Detective Samwise, a show in the long tradition of slightly silly murder mysteries. Detective Samwise is called in to investigate a string of cat burglaries, in which it turns out actual cats are being stolen. By coincidence our hero detective is himself a cat, so he goes undercover to catch the thief red-handed but finds more than he bargained for when he discovers a murder most foul! We are having some issues with the actress playing our murder victim, however, as while she’s quite good at laying still, she keeps swiveling her ears around so she can hear if craft services has started laying out snacks.

A close-up of our dog Ellie with her ears in the air