Secret Code

Yellow bumps on the ramp from the sidewalk to the street emerge from the snow in the Irvington neighborhood of Portland, Oregon

I found this hidden message emerging from the snow. I think it’s in Morse Code, does anyone know the meaning of dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot? I’m starting to wonder if their keyboard got stuck.

Sun & Rain

The sun shines on leaves covered in large raindrops

After a heavy rain, the sun peeked out briefly early in our walk after Ellie and I left the dog park on this Thanksgiving morning. The rain returned for the next hour as we meandered around Irvington, but that’s OK, we both love the rain, and we both enjoyed the walk. Ellie made two passes by Steve’s house but he wasn’t there. She tried bolting up the stairs, presumably to ring the doorbell, but I made her move along.


Leaves sit on artwork of flowers in a sidewalk

Ellie and I came across this example of life imitating art imitating life on our walk on a rainy November morning. I’m thankful for this old neighborhood we’ve lived in for over fifteen years, for the pup who’s led me out to explore it for nine, and to all those who’ve installed art around their homes for us to enjoy. We’ll likely have to move as I look for a new job but there is still some hope we can stay. Regardless I’m thankful for our time here, we’ve been blessed.

Strange Days

Strange shadows on the sidewalk during a solar eclipse

I saw crabs climbing a sandy beach in the shadow of palm trees, even though I knew, with some certainty, that I stood atop a sidewalk beneath large oak trees. And yet it seemed to me dark, though nearly mid-day, as though the sun hid behind the moon. It soon fled, my confusion, and took the darkness with it.