Six Weeks

Our cat Sam as a kitten looking over the edge of the window seat

Sam and Emma have been with us for six weeks now. It’s been fun to get to know their personalities as they get more and more adjusted to their new home, I think we really lucked out with these two. And I say that even though I have a cut across my forehead thanks to waking up this morning to Sam chewing on my head. Normally Emma has been the target of his head biting, hopefully this phase will pass quickly. I seem to recall it not lasting long with Scout, but then again that’s easy for me to say since I wasn’t the target of her affections.

Hopefully Emma’s bib will come off on Monday, she does okay with it most of the time but it does drive her crazy when she wants to clean herself. She manages to get out of it on her own at times — I told you she was an escape artist — but even when she does, she doesn’t seem to go after her shaved patch, so that’s a good sign. We should know more about what was causing the bumps on her skin early in the week.

Both she and Scout are recovered from their respiratory infections and don’t need oral antibiotics any more, to the relief of everyone. My wife handled the majority of medicine time. Scout was pretty easy to medicate actually, she never went to the Templeton School Of How To Not Take Your Medicine. Emma wasn’t too bad either, although the first time I ended up with more medicine on me than down her throat. Sam is getting his last dose of ear medicine, we think his ears are all cleared up so this is just to be sure.

The three cats are getting along well, Sam and Emma play well together (which is fortunate, as they burn off a lot of energy chasing each other all over the house). Sam and Scout sleep together at times, and lately they’ve all been joining us in bed. Every time I shift my position I hear murmurs from the peanut gallery, Sam and Scout are usually on or next to me and Emma’s usually at the foot of the bed, so I have to carefully adjust my legs to avoid kicking anyone.

Today’s picture of Sam is from a couple of weeks ago, it was the first time he used the window perch on his own. I took a really cute picture of him looking down at me, but it was hopelessly blurred since the camera missed the focus in the low light, but I’ve ranted about that enough for one evening.

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