Settling In

An American bittern in tall grasses at sunset

An American bittern seemingly ready to settle in for the night. It had been hunting up and down the channel in a light afternoon rain, but as the sun peaked out at sunset it settled into the grasses and hunkered down. Which made me wonder, where do bitterns spend the night? I’ve no idea if it was going to stay here for a while, but it was a lovely little parting gift on Christmas of 2014, as after taking these pictures I left for home.

The picture below is a zoomed in version of the bittern. I had upgraded my camera gear not long before, picking up the Canon 7D Mark II camera in late October and the Canon 100-400 mm II lens in mid-December. The new lens replaced my old 100-400 lens which I had for almost 14 years, but it was having some issues after so much use (I took it on every hike I went on) so I’m glad Canon finally updated it. This picture was zoomed in to 400mm, the top picture was at 100mm.

Really love this lens, very thankful for it.

An American bittern in tall grasses at sunset

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