Sam Gets a Boo Box Lesson

Our cats Sam and Boo in cardboard boxes

“I don’t know Boo, this seems kind of boring.”

“Get in a tall, narrow box like this one! You can pretend you’re in a submarine!. ‘Give me a ping Trixie. One ping only please.’

“There’s no room for belly rubs?”

“Or you can be a Formula One racer, barreling into Eau Rouge at legendary Spa-Francorchamps!”

“Maybe there’s a big box where dad can snuggle with me?”

“Or an X-wing fighter, preparing for the trench run with TIE fighters hot on your tail! Not today fellas, the Force is strong with this one!”

“I think I’m going to curl up with dad on the couch.”

“NOT EVERYONE IS MEANT FOR BOO BOX! You can curl up with your head on the side like this, or stick your arms way over the side, or sink down completely inside the box, or …”

“Some of us have bones, Boo. Some of us have bones.”

“Commander Boo, you are go for liftoff! Godspeed to the moon!”

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