You Are The Everything

Our cats Trixie and Sam snuggling near the door as we prepare to move on March 29, 2018. Original: _DSC5087.ARW

I’m very scared for this world,
I’m very scared for me.
R.E.M., “You Are The Everything”

Trixie was increasingly on edge in the month prior to the move. When the movers arrived the day before, we kept her in the bathroom with her brothers while they packed up our belongings and loaded them on the truck. The next morning as I loaded up the cars, she sat beside the glass door watching me come and go. I was afraid she was going to try to get outside but she never did, it was her way of trying to relieve the stress. Brother Sam came up and laid down beside her and, in the shadow of her hero, she was able to find some solace. Scout used to do this for Sam, so it was heartwarming to see him return the favor and even gain some comfort himself from his young sister.

The movers arrived yesterday to deliver our things to our rental house and it amused me to see this scene play out again in the evening, with Sam curling up with Trixie as she slept in my office.

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