Our cats Trixie and Boo snuggle and sleep on my lap, as Boo looks off into the distance, taken in my office in December 2019

When you’re on the airplane and think you’re going to have the whole row to yourself only at the last minute someone boards and sits next to you. You’re happy they made their flight but still wish you had the whole row to yourself. At least Trixie doesn’t insist on sleeping nose-to-nose with Boo like she does with Sam.

Of Views and Neighbors

Our cat Trixie snuggles in between our cat Sam and a backyard window in November 2019

Sam has taken to this south-facing window where he can lie with the sun warming his belly, all with a view of the quail and doves and woodpeckers in the backyard. As happens in life though, sometimes a neighbor moves in and blocks your view, or climbs into bed with you for a snuggle. C’est la vie.