Our black cat Emma prepares to shove one of her toy mice under the door on December 27, 2007. Original: _MG_6565.cr2

Less than a week after her adoption in 2007, Emma shoves one of her toy mice under the door. She’d reach under to try to get them back but often they’d end up out of reach. When we moved and emptied the house I think we finally found all the remaining ones that had been shoved into the most obscure places, but I like to think at least one remains, a little reminder of a sweet black cat for whom this house was home.

The Door to Adore

Our kitten Sam sits in front of the door of the guest bedroom beside a toy mouse

Sam a week after we adopted him in 2007. He and Emma stayed in the guest bedroom the first couple of weeks, giving the new arrivals time to bond, but he was getting awfully curious about the cat on the other side of the door, a cat he would adore the rest of her life.

A Little Fun

Our cat Sam playing with a toy mouse as a kitten on the hardwood floor of our guest bedroom in 2007

The past couple of days have been so disheartening, let me share a little joy, young Samwise playing with a toy mouse shortly after we adopted him in 2007. He and Emma brought happiness after we mourned the death of our beloved Templeton.

Emma Shows Me Up

Emma Shows Me Up

When Emma first came to live with us, she was immediately taken with our furry mice and convinced she could train them. I was equally convinced she couldn’t. So you can imagine my chagrin one day when I’m playing with Sam and look over and see that Emma had trained one of the mice to stand on its tip-toes.

She’s never let me forget it.


Our cat Sam holds a toy mouse in his mouth as he lays on his back on the hardwood as a kitten in 2007

As you can see from yesterday’s post, little Sam is quite the wrestler but this hasn’t always been the case. During his first week with us, even this little furry mouse was able to pin him to the floor. Cut him some slack though, he was just a little kitten.