Morning View

Our cat Sam sleeping on my legs on September 5, 2011. Original: _MG_3817.cr2

One night in 2011 when I went to bed I set my camera on the nightstand so the following morning I could take this visual reminder of how I always woke, with Sam curled up on my legs. Nine years hence, it’s how I woke this morning.

Happy New Year!

Our cat Sam sits on our bed

As 2018 rings in, a picture from New Year’s Day a decade ago, about a week after we adopted Sam and Emma. Sam was allowed limited exposure to the house at large, which meant he also got to meet our oldest Scout face-to-face instead of under the door. She quickly became his hero. Today the roles have changed, he is our oldest and it is little Trixie who worships him. They are both curled up on my lap, but with fireworks in the distance he is too restless to sleep.

Christmas Eve 2007

A close-up of our black cat Emma as she sleeps on the guest bed

A picture of Emma from 10 years ago on Christmas Eve, a couple of days after we adopted her, one of my all-time favorite Christmas presents. I thought of her as I was putting up her beloved tree a couple days ago, seeing the branches permanently bent down from her repeated climbs, hard to believe she’s been gone almost three years. Miss you Em.

My Morning View

Our cat Sam sleeps on our bed

Although I took this picture in the afternoon when Sam was sleeping on our bed, this is the view I have many mornings when I wake. It’s the view I have right now, albeit on my couch instead of the bed. If I was a cartoon character I’d have a Sam-shaped divot in my lap. A more snuggly creature you will never meet.

That You Might Take Me With You, Wherever You Shall Go

Our cat Trixie sleeps on my clean T-shirt on our bed

I have this romantic notion that at least one hair from each of our pets will follow me all the days of my life, so that on my deathbed I will have a piece of them with me. A romantic notion but not a realistic one. In day-to-day life, however, I’m quite confident I do carry each of our current pets with me, and Trixie is doing her duty to make sure of it as she sleeps on my clean T-shirt. In the picture below, Trixie doesn’t usually sleep in my desk chair but she loves the feel of these hoodies.

Our cat Trixie rests on my hoody on my chair