“I Can’t Look Away”

Our cat Boo sits in his broken box

Boo and I wondered the same thing: would this end badly?

I had kneeled to photograph Boo sitting in the broken Boo Box when Trixie jumped onto my shoulders and wrapped her legs around my head and began playing in my hair. I could feel the gentle pressure of the claws on all four feet, it didn’t hurt but if she got more rambunctious I was going to get scratched to pieces. I was afraid she’d dig in if I tried to remove her, so I kept taking pictures of Boo while she played.

Thankfully she had her fun without harm and when she jumped down I was tickled to see that with the camera at his level I had gotten a picture of a wide-eyed Boo watching her on top of my head.

A Small Tragedy Unfolds

Our black-and-white cat Boo sits in his favorite box

Sunday was a sad day in a small way when The Boo Box gave way, finally yielding to the force but not the wish of its master. One end is still in good shape and I’ve seen Boo sitting in the remains, I’m not sure if he’s working through the stages of grief or if he likes the new relaxed shape. Perhaps he just invented The Boo Box Recliner.

This picture is from June when the beleaguered box was still holding together.

The Boo Box Begins to Bow

Our cat Boo sits in his favorite box

The sides of the Boo Box are starting to bow out and I don’t know how much longer it will last but I’m astonished that it has held together this long. Boo is frequently in it and some of his sleeping positions put a lot of strain on the sides of the box. It makes me laugh to walk past the living room and see his head poking up out of the box in the middle of an otherwise empty room.

Boo in a Box

Our cat Boo sitting in a box just his size

“This is The Box Store, how may I help you?”

“I’m looking for a box.”

“You’ve come to the right place, sir!”

“Do you have anything Boo sized?”

“Boo sized … Boo sized … ah! Here we are! Boo sized!”

“I’ll take it!”