Keeping an Eye on Me

Our cat Boo watches me with one eye open while sleeping on my couch in October 2019

Boo may have hissed at Sam when we brought him home after his surgery but he was the opposite for me after getting a wisdom tooth removed. They put me under for the oral surgery so I was pretty out of it for a while and slept when I came home, bleeding a little onto the pillow. Perhaps between the smell of blood and seeing me so woozy it alarmed the little fellow, given how upset he got when Ellie died this spring, as he was glued to me for the first few days. At first he insisted on snuggling up tight between me and the arm of the couch, or if he needed more space on the floor near my head, until eventually he relaxed and moved further down the couch. He’s a sensitive sweetheart, our Boo.

Screen Time

Our cat Sam is transfixed atop the couch as he watches a bird video on the television, taken in October 2019

Sam is transfixed while watching birds and squirrels from a YouTube series by Paul Dinning that are designed to entertain cats, hours of birds and squirrels coming to eat seed in front of the camera. At first Sam would go up to the TV and look behind it when the birds flew off-screen, trying to figure out where they went, or he’d sniff the speakers trying to find his hidden friends. These days he’s content to let the mystery be. I was worried it might cause confusion since they’re filmed in England and the birds are all different from what Sam knows but so far the only impact to immersing him in Brittania is that he’s started calling me “Guv”.

In Honor of World Lion Day

Our cat Sam snuggles on my legs as I relaxed on the couch in May 2018

Taken last spring as the oldest member of our pride adapted to his new desert home, learning to nap and snuggle in this arid landscape. Shot with my iPhone as Sam curled up on my legs as I relaxed on the couch. There are only a few of today’s technologies that it pains me we didn’t have in my youth, having a capable camera in your pocket is one of them.