Lazy Saturday

Our cat Boo yawns while resting under my wife's desk in September 2019

While he has his favorites Boo enjoys trying out new sleeping spots so you can never quite be sure where you’ll find him. Yesterday morning when I got back from my hike he was under my wife’s desk, serenaded by the birds on the other side of the wall. Thankfully he has bounced back from Ellie’s death, he took to her from the start and especially enjoyed sneaking under her when she got up from a dog bed, reveling in the warmth left behind. I don’t know how we made it six years with him never getting squished as sometimes she wasn’t getting up but rather shifting positions, but thankfully it was never an issue.


Our tortoiseshell cat Trixie yawns while sitting in the cat tree

You know little Squeaks, the birds might come closer if you could restrain your enthusiasm a little bit. There’s a brave mourning dove that comes close to the sliding glass door that really gets her going, she flattens herself to the floor and whips her tail back and forth and chirps at her feathered friend.


Our cat Boo yawns while sitting on the wooden grate as a narrow beam of light falls upon him

“When the shadows rise and the path lies hidden, do not despair! For then shall the light pierce the darkness and fall upon its champion, master of dark and light, for he is dark and light, and he shall guide you.”

So concludes today’s reading from “The Book of Boo”.