On Paws

A close-up view of the paws of our tortoiseshell cat Trixie as she sleeps on my couch

Trixie is pretty good about keeping her claws retracted when she plays, the thing you have to worry about is when she’s snuggling all up in your face, if she’s excited she finds it hard to resist nipping your nose.

The Softest Alarm Clock

The paws of our cat Scout in her cat bed in May 2012

Many mornings I wake to these paws poking softly into my cheeks. It’s so adorable I can’t be angry. Plus it’s Scout, The Cat Who Can Do No Wrong. She’s tried a variety of techniques over the years but sticks with the ones that wake me in the best mood. Another technique I love are her gentle little headbutts. She crossed the line when she started flipping my lower lip, thankfully that phase didn’t last too long.