Do or Do Not, There Is No Try

A toy mouse appears to hang in the air as our cat Sam plays with it in December 2007. Original: _MG_6610.cr2

After giving praise to the Oregon Humane Society and our vets at Laurelhurst, I have a major bone to pick with both of them. The Humane Society told us that Sam might have an upper respiratory infection, had diarrhea, and had been treated for fleas and ear mites. All good, we wanted to know as much of the little guy’s medical history as possible. Sam got an exam at Laurelhurst as soon as possible and it was discovered that the mites were probably gone but he had a yeast infection in his ears, so we’ve been treating that.

But how is it that both of these fine organizations neglected to tell us that little Sam has Jedi powers? I was watching Sam and Emma play with their furry mice when suddenly Sam began to levitate the albino mouse. Fortunately I had my camera in hand to document the event, as people tend to not believe me about things like this.

Maybe we should have named him Yoda?


  1. nah, he’s just fooling you with the invisible fishline attached to the mouse that he’s got wrapped around a front toe to make it look like its floating.

    Has Scout been spending any time outside the room? Perhaps a bit of paw-dueling through the space between floor and door?

  2. She hasn’t spent much time outside the room unless we encourage it. We’ve let her see them but not touch them, but she’s not at the stage where she initiates contact on her own. She’s like Templeton in that it takes her a while to adjust to change, but once she adjusts she’s fine.

  3. I take that back, I was in here playing with Sam and Emma and Scout was at the door wanting to come in. She went right over and said hello to Emma, Sam came over but I couldn’t let him get close since he still sneezes. Scout didn’t want to stay long, but it was all friendly and nobody hissed or swatted or said anything they might be sorry for later.

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