Me & the Samwise

A black-and-white picture of our cat Sam snuggled in my lap with his head up and eyes wide open in April 2020

When I get home from work Sam starts giving me the business if I don’t settle down on the couch quickly enough for his liking, as he is waiting to jump into my lap and start purring to beat the band. There are lap cats, and there is Samwise.

Some Assembly Required

A close-up of our cat Emma sleeping on a blanket on my couch with her legs jutting at various angles in October 2014

After belly rubs Emma would collapse into a puddle of joy, her legs jutting out in various directions so that from some angles she seemed like a stack of cat parts waiting to be assembled. Taken in in 2014, I miss the sky blue walls of my office in Portland but not nearly as much as I miss her.

Healing Nicely

Our cat Sam rests on the blanket on my couch with a few of the stiches in his shoulder visible, taken in October 2019

Sam got his stitches out yesterday and his mouth has healed nicely so he was given the all clear to eat the hard treats I give them after dinner, which made all the cats happy as I cut out treats for all while they were forbidden for Sam. You can just see a few of the stitches in this picture in the shaved area behind his shoulder.

Is There No Middle Ground?

Our cat Trixie buries her head in our cat Sam's belly as he sleeps on my legs, taken as Sam recovered from surgery in October 2019

When Sam came home after his surgery the other cats weren’t quite sure what to make of him, Boo would hiss at him and Trixie mostly avoided him. We saw this years ago after Templeton’s surgery when Scout hissed at him at first, I’m guessing it’s the different smell when they first come home. Once his wound healed enough that we could take off his onesie and he could give himself a bath, Trixie recognized her hero once more and buried her head in his belly as he slept on my legs. He gave me a look and I was poised to move her lest she bump his sore mouth or shoulder but she instantly fell asleep. He decided to tolerate her affections despite not feeling well, curling up around her and joining her in slumber.

Good News for Samwise

Our cat Sam sleeps lengthwise down my legs, his head towards my feet, while wearing a baby's onesie after shoulder surgery, taken in October 2019

The vet reported that the cyst that suddenly appeared in Sam’s shoulder was a reaction to his steroid injection so while it will change the way he gets his shots in the future there’s no other underlying issue we need to worry about. He’s healing well from the shoulder surgery and will get the stitches out soon. He’s also healing well from his dental surgery and will be able to enjoy evening treats again, as will the other cats as I’ve put them all on hiatus until Sam can join us once more. Here as he sleeps on my legs he was still wearing his onesie in the early days after surgery but he hasn’t had to wear it for a while now.