Sam rests on my legs while wearing a baby's onesie after surgery on his shoulder to remove a cyst in October 2019

I’m not the only one recovering from oral surgery as Sam went in last week and needed four teeth removed, including three of his front teeth. Making matters worse for our twelve year old, they discovered a cyst in his shoulder they hadn’t noticed on his previous visit (we hadn’t either) so that was removed and we are waiting on results of a biopsy to learn more. He has stitches running behind his right shoulder so the vet suggested we get a baby’s onesie for him to wear at first while the wound was healing. He seemed disappointed it wasn’t adorned with Jedi Knights or Boba Fett but otherwise put up with it tolerably, here he’s resting on my legs.

The Birdwatchers

Our cats Trixie and Sam rest on a blanket on a chest beside a backyard window of our house in September 2019

Sam and Trixie rest after an afternoon of birdwatching at the window. With the heat finally breaking we can open the windows, Trixie, Sam, and Boo are watching quail outside my window now. It pains me on many levels that Emma died young and never made it to Arizona, all of the cats loved watching wildlife but none as much as Em. I suspect we would have had to put her in a straitjacket as the antics of the large families of quail that come to feed would have overloaded her with excitement. What sounds she would have made to welcome her visitors!

In Honor of World Lion Day

Our cat Sam snuggles on my legs as I relaxed on the couch in May 2018

Taken last spring as the oldest member of our pride adapted to his new desert home, learning to nap and snuggle in this arid landscape. Shot with my iPhone as Sam curled up on my legs as I relaxed on the couch. There are only a few of today’s technologies that it pains me we didn’t have in my youth, having a capable camera in your pocket is one of them.

Current Mood

An overhead view of our cat Boo sleeping on a blanket on the window seat with his head and arms stuffed into pillows in July 2019

I’ve been a bit worn out this past month and haven’t been hiking in a couple of weeks, we’ll see how this weekend goes. I’m not completely exhausted like I was when we moved and during the last weeks of Ellie’s life, and I haven’t had to work long hours, rather it’s just that there’s been a lot going on, a lot to learn, and it’s taken a bit out of me. It hasn’t helped that this past week the night owl has been reasserting himself, if only I could sleep like Boo! Thankfully while he was pretty stressed after Ellie died our resident philosopher has been doing better lately.

I Loved Her Eyes

Our dog Ellie looks to the side while sitting beside me on the couch while I watch football in October 2013

I loved her eyes.

I loved the way they lit up when she stuck her head around the door when I arrived home from work. I loved how much more expressive they became when the gray spread to her eyebrows. I loved the way she looked at me on our walks. Multiple people over the years stopped us to tell me how they loved the way she looked at me, how could I express how much I loved it too?

I loved how they showed the character of the dog beneath.

I loved how she’d look at me, then shift her eyes towards the closet where her treats were, then back to me. I’ve often wondered when she started doing it, how long it was before I realized she was doing it and how much longer before I understood what she wanted. She did it until the very end when I was a little more generous with the charcoal treats she wanted, as she could eat them even when her appetite for regular food was waning. She couldn’t move her legs very well but those eyes never had any trouble darting towards the treats.

Here she’s curled up beside me on the couch in the fall of 2013 as I watched football on a Sunday afternoon, the gray spreading across her face. How old she looked to me then, how young she looks to me now!

I Wonder How I Should Introduce Myself to Sam?

Our cat Sam sleeps on the bed as our kitten Boo looks at him from behind

Probably a sneak attack is best.

From 2013 after we adopted Boo, we kept him in isolation for a couple of weeks to let him build up his confidence and give the other pets time to adjust. The night before letting him into the house for the first time we let the other pets come into his room. Boo was eager to impress his older brother. Fortunately he did not follow through on his instinct to jump on Sam from behind.

Our kitten Boo looks like he is about to spring on our cat Sam from behind