Have Boo, Will Travel

Our black-and-white cat Boo sits in a paper bag

After the arrival of Trixie, Boo decided it was time he was moving on and packaged himself for transport.

I took this with my little Canon mirrorless camera but the light levels were so low that the image quality suffered. I really enjoy the concept of mirrorless cameras and would like to use them for most of my non-wildlife photography, but it will mean moving away from Canon for the first time ever as they are deliberately (and perhaps understandably) holding back on designing good ones until the market matures. Sony has some full-frame models that would have better handled this scene, if I had to choose today I’d probably go that route, but the expense of buying new lenses is holding me back at the moment.


Our black-and-white cat Boo sitting in a paper bag

“Do you ever wonder if life is an illusion and we’re all really just sitting in a paper bag?”
“Not really, Boo, but I bet it kept Descartes up at night.”
“Nihil enim somni ergo sum.”
“I can’t sleep, therefore I am.”
“Maybe it’s time you came out of that paper bag.”