For the Carolinas

A green heron perches on a barnacle-encrusted log in Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

I met one of my favorite birds, a green heron, right before the sun came up at Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina in the summer of 2007. I loved that little park, any place that gets me up long before the sun has to be pretty special. To all those in the Carolinas and elsewhere in Florence’s path, I hope you will be safe and sound. Look after each other.


A northern mockingbird balances at the end of a tree branch while eating berries in Conway, South Carolina

I grew up with mockingbirds but I left them behind when I moved to Oregon 21 years ago. We’ve been reacquainted at times over the years when I traveled back east, I met this mocker eating berries while balanced at the end of a tree branch on a trip to South Carolina in 2006. My stepfather had passed away a couple of weeks earlier and my wife and I stayed with my mother through Christmas. I took a number of walks around the neighborhood, watching the local wildlife, seeking out joy to balance the sadness.

Mockingbirds will be a part of my life once more, they are one of a small group of birds that aren’t in my part of Oregon but are in both Arizona and the Southeast where I grew up. Looking forward to the reunion.